I am happy to present Kogarashi! A game in which I collaborated during my final year at DigiPen Institute of Technology (Europe-Bilbao) alongside another 11 fantastic people. Follow #Hamstag on twitter. Kogarashi is a 3D hack and slash game set in a ancient frozen Japan. Fight as Abura Akago, a demon made out of... Continue Reading →

Lotka-Volterra Model (Differential Calculus)

Predator-Prey Model with Overcrowding Modeling of a 2 species system where the equations modeling population are dependent on each other. Project Description This is a study that I co-wrote with 2 other colleages (Julen Puertas, Urtzi Urcelay) over a year ago. The model studies classical Lotka-Volterra ODEs using analytical and numerical solutions. The goal of the... Continue Reading →

Junior Game Project

Build, Bomb? Boom! Download the game here! https://games.digipen.edu/games/build-bomb-boom Brief This is a Junior student project in DigiPen Institute of Technology (Europe - Bilbao) 2017/18. Build, Bomb? Boom! is a local 4 player party game where 2 players compete against the other 2. The objective is to build a house, using the materials in the arena... Continue Reading →

Cloth Rendering (Animation)

Verlet Particle System Collision and resolution of a system of particles to form a fabric like entity. Project Description The implementation makes use of the verlet integration technique to form and solve a system of equations resulting in what looks like a piece of fabric. source: Verlet Integration Wikipedia The collision is tested against a... Continue Reading →

Advanced Shader Techniques (Advanced Graphics)

CubeMap + Reflection + Refraction Shading Techniques for simple 3D objects Project Description This demo shows how to draw cubemaps using GLSL Shaders, how to render to multiple viewports on runtime with different cameras and to render Reflective and Refractive objects on real time. All the code for the reflection and refraction techniques were implemented... Continue Reading →

Separating Axis Theorem (Collisions)

Octree + Separating Axis Collisions Pipeline for simple 3D objects Project Description In the demo we can see how the Octree and the SAT work together to detect collisions in three dimensional objects. There are 4 Moving (gray) objects in the scene and a number of Static (orange) objects. Static objects can be placed in... Continue Reading →

Octree Implementation (Collisions)

Octree Spatial Database for Collision Optimization Project Description In the demo we can see how we can optimize collisions checks for three dimensional objects by creating a sub-divisible cube containing all or part of the triangles composing the object. The information extracted by using this kind of data structure is not only if there is... Continue Reading →

Radix Tree Implementation (Data Structures)

Radix Tree Data Structures Project Project Description Radix tree (also radix trie or compact prefix tree) is a data structure that represents a space-optimized trie in which each node that is the only child is merged with its parent. The result is that the number of children of every internal node is at least the... Continue Reading →

Unity Project for Agile Development

Unity Learning Experience Agile Development  Project Description This is a small Prototype built over the course of a month with the collaborative effort of 3 DigiPen Students to apply agile development techniques on project planning. Authors: Iker Eizaguirre Jon Diego Aitor Gandia Project Details: For this project I actively engaged in developing a fitting camera... Continue Reading →

Flow Fields (AI)

Flow Fields Pathfinding study Project Description Flow field integration with pathfinding algorithms (A* implementation) for different agents. Project Details Different kinds of interactions between field and agents Study of the minimal overhead of integrating field data in the pathfinding algorithm approach: paper Click here to download a Demo.

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