Junior Game Project

Build, Bomb? Boom!

Download the game here!



This is a Junior student project in DigiPen Institute of Technology (Europe – Bilbao) 2017/18.

Build, Bomb? Boom! is a local 4 player party game where 2 players compete against the other 2. The objective is to build a house, using the materials in the arena before the other team does so.


Build, Bomb? Boom! is the result of the hard work put during 6 – 7 months by 9 Junior programmers of which I had the privilege to be the producer.


Despite all the problems that appeared during the development process and the hard it was to find time to work in this project while moving ahead with clases, projects and assignments, I firmly believe that the result is so good that every second we poured in it has paid off thousandfold.

It is much harder than I imagined to coordinate a team of 9 (including myself) programmers and to be ready for deliveries, testing sessions, meetings, etc. whenever the occasion showed up.

I can say that I have learnt a gread deal about time management, task identification, task distribution and communication during this period, but it would be to full of myself to say I did this on my own.
The merit goes to Asier Elorz, Andoni Alonso, Karl-Hans Orav, Ruben Delgado, Mikel Torrecilla, Aitor Camacho, Guillermo Bilbao and Urtzi Urcelay for they were an amazing team and together we did an amazing game.


We owe a gigantic “thank you” to all the freelance artists that helped us along the way, taught us to use their tools and helped us doing modeling, rigging, animations, textures, and all those other amazing things that belong to the magical realm of the artists.

The Game

The game itself was built from scratch using modern C++ and the help of the fmod sound library.

At the beginning we had dreams of a party game that would shake the foundations of the genera. The game that we are puting out here today is very far away from the initial concepts.

Thank to a very solid engine, created early in the iteration proccess by the engine and tools programmers we managed to iterate fast and effectively over ideas.


One simple premise: “Building”. Adding to that a few ways to meddle around was enough to create an incredible eight minute experience. The fact that everybody who has played the game, wanted to do so again, proved the design was sound and we did our work well.

Three unique materials (wood, clay and rock) that are common to all levels and three processors (workbench, furnace and rock cutting station) were enough to drive the player into building a 5 stage house.

A crafting table where you could input materials to make a bomb and an acorn, along with the squirrels that crave it; gave the levels enough depth to make very fun and unique areas.

Updated! Videos are Here



Enjoy the promotional cinematic trailer for this amazing game.


Gameplay Video.

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